March 2019 ABWA Monthly Event

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Manage Your Credit – Manage Your Life



Our March guest speaker is LaShawn S. Blanchard, of the The Credit Maven Financial Strategists, LLC.

In the usual day-to-day management of life, even the most savvy individuals and business owners ignore one great thing:  credit.  This six letter word has been the undoing of many families, businesses, and non-profits for decades — simply due to the misinformation around topics like these.  My goal is that you will leave with a working knowledge of how business and personal credit work, when it is best to utilize each one, how to best maintain the scores that make you most financially powerful, and what to do if you have credit that is less-than-perfect.  After all, those that know the least, always pay the most.


Personal Credit

  • What’s in your score?
  • Fixing the Broken
  • How Credit Repair Companies Work

Business Credit

  • Difference between Personal and Business Credit
  • Why do you need it?
  • Benefits of Business Credit

Lunch and meeting fees are $25 for members and $30 for visitors.  Door pricing is $30 for anyone who does not RSVP. Members make sure you are selecting the correct luncheon fee.